A Discussion On Top 3 Modern Day Saints

sunrise-165094_640There are several famous Saints: Saint Valentine, Saint Patrick and Saint Anthony. But when it comes to modern day saints, there are numerous ones to choose from and discuss. Saints are people who are simply extraordinary and live a life of service to other human beings and are typically considered to be in heaven after death. In my opinion there are a few modern day saints that certainly live up to their reputation.

Firstly, we will start with Mother Theresa. Mother Theresa is well known for her charitable acts and is seen as a blessing wherever she went. She touched the lives and hearts of everyone she met and always gave selflessly. She was mainly involved in eradicating poverty and she sought to feed and clothe the needy.

Another modern day saint that we will look at is Maya Angelou. I think that Maya Angelou is a saint because of her amazing works of written stories and poetry. She also spearheaded many projects with the intention of providing for the needy and the helpless. She is the definition of an amazing woman, who is always striving to serve those around her.

Lastly, we will look at the current president of the United States, Barack Obama as a modern day saint. I think that he is a saint because he has crossed so many borders by being the first black president of the United States of America. He always seeks to improve the lives of everyone and not just his black brothers and sisters. He strives to bring peace and harmony to this world which is truly remarkable.

In closing, we have just discussed the top 3 modern day saints in the world. Of course, there are hundreds of other saints that should be mentioned and celebrated. I hope that this article has inspired you and that you seek to become a blessing in this world to your fellow men and women.