3 Religious Leaders Who Have Been Arrested

Some people falsely believe that being a religious leader means that you are somehow better than everyone around you. The reality is that they are still human and have just as many issues as the rest of us. In fact, there are actually some leaders that have been in handcuffs a time or two.

Creativity_Movement_LogoMatthew F. Hale used to be the leader of the Creativity Movement. That did not stop him from wanted to end the life of a federal judge. Hale was so determined to off the judge that he solicited someone to have the deed done. Unfortunately for him, the person he approached was an FBI informant and he was promptly arrested. According to Speedy Bail Bonds, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Jung Myung Seok is the leader of a religious sect in South Korea. He is also the one who founded the Christian Gospel Mission. While you would believe that this would make him a man of high moral standing, he used his power in the wrong way. He was convicted of raping many of the women who followed his teachings.

Here is an expose from a news channel in Australia about this religious group:

The-nation-of-Yahweh-seal-2Yahweh Ben Yahweh is the head of the Nation of Yahweh. Instead of relaxing and effectively running his religious sect, he decided that racketeering was far more fun. Besides this, he has conspired to kill at least 14 people. He felt that murder was an acceptable rite of passage for those who were serious about becoming one of his followers. He ended up serving 11 years in prison.

As you can tell, being a leader of a religion does not stop you from being human. There are people all over the world who commit crimes every day and being a religious head does not make you immune. Now that you know all of this, it may make you think twice about following the teachings of someone you have not done any research on.